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            At Octopus Coffee our food is made of good, clean food. We source our organic, cage free eggs; local when possible. Our dairy is Rbst-free.  Bread and flours used in the bakery are organic and non-gmo. All of our dressings are made from scratch. Our meats are cruelty and hormone free (except bacon, sadly). Veggies are organic whenever possible. Tortillas are made locally by La Milpa.


           A note on our cheeses: Our cheese spreads are crafted by hand in small batches to ensure premium flavor per bite. We craft our spreads with a cream cheese base using a careful selection of spices and herbs. When we are finished, we have a rich, fast melting cheese that delivers a big bang of flavor to our bagel sandwiches and burritos. 

       As for drinks, we have a bit of an obsession there.  Octopus Coffee started as small operation focused on high end espresso and deluxe liquid refreshment of the non-alcoholic variety.  We continue to indulge in our obsession and love to share it with everyone with an open pallette.  From the delicacy of a pure, beautiful double shot of espresso, to mochas made with multiple chocolates and exotic spices, we love to taste! We encourage our guests to try new things-and we guarantee every drink so they will. If you don't love your drink, we'll work with you to find you something you do like. We train our team to have you taste your drink before you leave to make sure you love it!  We roast our own coffee so you can Order Beans for delivery to anywhere in the U.S.

       Our unique chai is made in house with more than a dozen different organic spices and is brewed by the cup so we can make it as spicy or sweet as you like.   

         Want it without caffeine? No problem! We'll make it with organic rooibos, or bing cherry, or chamomile instead of black tea.

          Sugar free? No problem! We make it, you taste it, we adjust til it's just the right ratio of spicy/sweet.  Indulge with us!

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